Friday, September 5, 2008

Tonight while Gregg and I were 45 minutes away Jasmine had a allergic reaction. Thank God for Stuie! The kids brought frozen green beans in to start for dinner. Stuie went into his mode as we call it. Jeremiah took the food outside, then the kids called us. Jeremiah opened the food outside to put some in a bowl, to see if the contents were contaiminated or the bag. There was a peanut in the green beans. Jasmine was inside the house. We kept calling and talking Jasmine saying she was okay, then she wasn't okay anymore. I was talking on my cell to Jeremiah to remind him what to do to take care of his sister AND Greggs cell to call the ambulance.

If it weren't for Stuie, pointing out the problem with the green beans, the kids would have cooked the beans with the peanut. This could have killed Jasmine. Gregg and I were so scared, Jasmine has never been by herself when she had a reaction. The kids were GREAT. They did everything like we had pracited. Jeremiah made sure Jasmine took her oral meds and Jasmine gave herself the EpiPen. The doctors and staff were so impressed that the kids knew what to do and stayed calm. During Jasmine's stay at the ER, we took turns staying with Jasmine. Including Jeremiah. He needed time with his sister to prove to himself she was going to be okay.

Stuie did great too. After the Jasmine took the meds and Epi, I told Jeremiah to put Stuie in his kennel. Stuie knew he needed to be in his kennel out of the way of everyone. He was excited to see his girl when we came home!

The next few days will be L O N G. As par we will need to wake Jasmine up every two to three hours for the next two to four days. We all take turns checking on her.

I have checked with FAAN to see how I need to handle this. I will be making phone calls on Monday.

Stuie has been WONDERFUL since we returned from the hospital. He is in super mode. He knows something happened and he is double and triple checking everything in the kitchen. As normal, we stopped and picked up some no cook and easy meals for the next few days. Stuie was in the kitchen checking everything. He is wanting to check everything more than once. I keep telling him he has done his job after the first check or sniff. There is no residue in the kitchen at all. Jeremiah took care of that along with taking care of his sister. Wow, he did a LOT tonight. What a great kid!!


Tami Vrbas said...

Glad she is OK! We were worried when the ambulance was over there. Let us know if we can do anything. Jerry and Tami.

Gregan said...

Hi Connie. I recently stumbled across your blog. I have spoken with Sharon and we are considering getting a peanut detection dog for our daughter. I am glad to see that your daughter is recovering from her reaction and glad to see that Stuie is already such an asset.

I was sent an article through my food allergy support group just yesterday that might be helpful with figuring out who to contact about the contaminated food. The article is at The website for the organization mentioned in the article is


Wild Things said...


We need to chat! Do you belong to I posted on thier forums today. I found and printed out the information I need to contact FAAN and the FDA.

Tami and Jerry,

Thanks. We are all shell shocked and tired today. I drifted off to sleep around five this morning. Woke up to remember NO ONE took Stuie out to potty last night. Eek!
I paced at the hospital last night. Normaly I can stay calm but last night I paced when I was with Jasmine, I paced the hallway when I wasn't. I have paced here at home. I need to be thankful to the Lord we have Stuie, this could have ended much differntly.

Gregan said...

I would love to chat with you. I have been on several times, but I am not a member. We have a local support group for families dealing with food allergies (I live in Ohio.). That is where I got the information that I emailed to you.

You can email me directly or give me a call. If I post my email address here, can you delete it? If not, you can get my email address and phone number from Sharon. I have spoken with two other families that have dogs she has trained and she has passed my contact information along to them.