Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hello everyone. I am tired! It was a long day. It was a good idea I listened to my 'mom voice' and took Jasmine to the doctor. She wasn't feeling well, coughing and her chest hurt. She needed more meds, as her lungs are inflamed from the allergic reaction. The headaches and dizziness were caused by not getting enought oxgyen. I am feeling very dumb tonight. Thankful that she is okay but..... this has never happened before. She needs to go back in a week if she isn't 100% better and in a month even if she is better. We think we will take her back in a week just to be sure. It was really fun, light hearted joyful fun today. Stuie does make life much easier! We did eat at Ruby Tuesdays. We were treated very very well. Found out that there is something in the whole wheat buns, Stuie says! They brought out white buns, they were for ds and dh. Jasmine ate okay. She really enjoyed the food. We had Stuie check everything before we bought it. Even clothes at Goodwill. Oh, Stuie was very good at the doctors office too. Ds doctor appoint went well. There are some things we need to work on and we are waiting for the blood work too. He needs to take more fish oil. Doc said he can't get too much with the way he is growing. I did get pats on the back for being a good mom. I really needed that. I really like our doctor!

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