Saturday, May 24, 2008

I am beyond tired.

Gregg surgery went okay. Not the rotator cuff but another muscle. Still four to six months to recover. No using the shoulder for three months. The pain is intense. He takes different pain pills every two hours with food. I am up every two hours. He doesn't know anything right now.

Getting home was a mess. One time we had to go back to NP and wait. Thank you Karin for talking on the cell phone to tell us a safe route to come home!

The kids are doing all the cooking and cleaning right now. Wonderful kids!

I am off to get some sleep before the next round of pills.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

This is another old picture. Shad and Gregg shingling the house.

This is Jasmine's hair after she had it cut.
Update on us. Gregg is having surgery on Thursday. It is same day surgery in NP. We will be home Thursday night. We don't know the time of the surgery until later this week.

We had a great weekend. We wanted to do something since who knows if or when Gregg will feel up to doing fun things. After Gregg and I went to city wide yard sales, we got the kids and drove to Overton. There is a neat 'junk' store there. If anyone collects depression glass, you need to go to this store! Then we went to NP to hit Goodwill. The van was packed when we got home. If fact Jeremiah's computer desk is still in the van.

Gregg and I are trying to do as much as we can around the house before he has surgery. Due to my health problems I haven't taken care of the yard in eight years. The kids will help so it will be okay. I have been able to do more this year than I have in a long time. I have learned when the headaches hit, that means I have to slow down and rest.

This is Jeremiah playing in the pool the same summer. Of course now he is taller than I am !

We are getting the pool ready for swimming this weekend. As usual it is a pain and messy. Here are some of my favorite pictures of the kids swimming. This is to remind me it is worth the work!!

This is Jasmine a few years ago. I had forgotten how long her hair was! She cut her hair that summer for Lock for Love. She was on chemo at the time and had lost a lot of hair.

Summer of 04.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Update on everything. We are planning a concert in MC, with a dessert, coffee and smoothie bar. That is the idea for now. If you have any ideas or want to help in any way please contact me!

Update on the dog, this is from the trainer:

"I think we have just the dog for you. My assistant and I were talking this afternoon. We have a spoodle named Stuart ( aka Stuie). He's a springer spaniel and poodle mix. He has the poodle hair, so he doesn't shed, but the rust colored spots of the springer. He has the drive and intelligence to handle a large number of different nuts. He is a medium sized dog and is quite wonderful. He is nearly finished. We are working on his public access skills now. Let me know if he sounds right for you. "

Of course Jasmine would like to see a picture!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008 explains everything!
We found peanut detector dogs in Tx. I have spoken for one for Jasmine. They are $9,995. The ranch needs 1/3 upfront. Jasmine will decide this week what type of dog she wants, sporty or poodle. Jasmine's dog will be train for her. They can train for 12 -15 allergens. We are so excited!! Jasmine is third on the list right now!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

We have been so busy lately. A friend needed some help with her college prep biology course so we are all doing college prep biology three afternoons a week. It gives me a headache. Of course Jeremiah understands all of it. I asked him to teach the class instead of me. The kids are all doing great! I am proud of them.

Our summer plans have changed. What we planned to do this summer we will do next summer. Gregg needs surgery on his left shoulder. His rotator cuff is torn off the bone, he has bone spurs and floating bone chips plus the scar tissure is terrible. The doctor doesn't think they can do anything about the scar tissue. I was hoping they could laser it. I impressed the doctor, I read the xrays and the MRI. I want to go into the OR too. The doctor has no problem with it but he hospital does. Darn. It would have been so cool. Gregg will be out of work for four to six months. Yes, months. This will not be fun I am thinking. The doctor will call tomorrow with the date of surgery. The way the doctor acted last week he wants surgery ASAP. Gregg got new tires put on the van Sat, we stocked up on groceries. Gregg showed Jeremiah how to run the weed eater. We have the new to us carpet put in the basement, the lawn is mowed, the flower beds are cleand out. The van is ready to go. Gregg won't be able to sit in the car because the gear shifter in on the floor. The only problem I see is getting the pool ready to go. It is too cool out to run the pump. It is a dirty job I hate to ask for help but I may have to. There is no way I can move the pump, it weighs a ton. Shad? Jim? How many rolls will it take to bribe you?

Jasmine and Jeremiah will start taking some college classes in the fall. This will be their senior year. Our last year to homeschool. I do not know what I will do with myself! At least the kids will still be at home, taking online classes. Jeremiah is too young to go to a campus we think. Hopefully we can keep them home for two or three more years.