Friday, December 19, 2008

Jasmine had another checkup this week for her breathing issues. Poor girl, lots of poking. I hate IVs and Jasmine gets a hour long IV each trip. They help and that is what matters. We see the lung doctor on Jan 2. Now that the lung fuction test results are back we know what the problem is. Not asthma like we thought but trapped air in the lungs. Our NP doctor has been to DAAN conferences, she requested Jasmine and I read one book. Good thing I aced pathogoly and A&P in college! This book is written for doctors by a doctor. Gets a little deep at times. This is the same program Jenny McCarthy is using on her son who is austic. The program covers, autisum, allergies, asthma and ADHD. Some of my college books have interesting information on chakras, we are reading that. I am also signing up to take Level 1 Reiki classes after Christmas. Until then Christmas is comming!!! I need to get ready!


Patrice Farmer said...

Sometimes allergies cause the strangest is it caused by allergies?

Wild Things said...

I think it is all caused by the allergic reaction she had in Sept.