Wednesday, July 28, 2010


In August we will celebrate Stuie being in our family for two years. Where did the two years go? I have been thinking how Stuie changed Jasmine's life. Two years ago she was almost housebound. Now she does about anything. When we go to a city to shop, I can't keep up with her. She is everywhere. I don't even try. This is why we have cell phones, she can call me if she needs me! Jasmine was in Sams for the first time a few weeks ago. Zoom, the kids were gone. They found me later. Kohls, I think she beat into the store. Of course it helps living where business owners respect the service dog laws. lol There are times when the kids will go downtown, and we will catch up with each other at my office. Jasmine loves going on walks again. All of this because I was searching for safe chocolate for her. God has plans for this girl. It is so nice to know Stuie will be with her, by her side, keeping her safe as they walk through life together. It will be tough when the kids leave home. The cats and Stuie will go with them. This big house will be so quiet. I am glad the kids will be here for a bit longer.

Jasmine shops, she goes everywhere now. She isn't as afraid. I think on some level, fear will always be there. You need to breathe to live and her allergies cost part of her breathing ability. Jasmine worked very hard with her PTs. Her breathing is much better now. Swimming this summer has helped a lot. Amazing how one stupid hazelnut can cause so much damage. The Vocal Cord problems are healed as much as they ever will. It is doubtful she will ever be able to sing, or hum or clear her throat. But she can breathe. She doesn't need stupid machines everyday numerous times a day to aid in her breathing. I am glad we have stupid machine but happier she doesn't use it x times a day anymore.

I am so thankful for Stuie, for Southern Star Ranch, for Sharon and Leslie, giving Jasmine a life we didn't think she would ever have. To watch Stuie take care of 'his girl' is amazing to watch. I am so happy we are her parents and we have been able to watch this 'love story' between a girl and her service dog. And so very thankful to Jeremiah. He gave up so much for his sister. He has given up two, yes two trips to Europe. The money was needed to pay on Stuie loans and for Jasmine's medical bills. Jeremiah has never once been hurt, or angry about it. Guess what he got in the mail last week? Another invitation to Europe!! Maybe this time he can go. God's will not ours. Time will tell!!

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