Wednesday, December 16, 2009

We are here! Everyday I love it more........ Gregg comes home for lunch. We all enjoy eating together. The kids are in their rooms. Our waterbed mattress came today so maybe tonight we will be in our bedroom! Pictures will come when I find the camera and when we get internet. Thought it would be today but guess not. Jeremiah is feeling better, Jasmine is still sick. I think I need to degerm my house. My kitchen is driving me crazy... we need to buy more wall cabinets, finish the walk in pantry and build a pot rack on the side of the pantry. I am off to the hardware store when I leave the library. They know me so very well there! tee hee.... we all know how much I adore hardware stores. There are TWO count them TWO lumber yards in Osborne. I am so happy!! Gregg is nervous. Ha. What did he expect when he taught me how to use all the power tools??

Jasmine has been asked to introduce Stuie and explain what and how he works. How cool is that? So far no problems here with business and Stuie. What a blessing!

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