Thursday, April 9, 2009

Friday, January 30, 2009
Craft It Forward

I saw this on SEW MUCH TO MAKE SEW LITTLE TIME. I think it awesome!

The first eight people who make comments on this blog post will get something from me. The rules are as follows:

1. What I will create will be personalized and intended for you.

2. It will be done this year (2009).

3. You will have no idea waht it is going to be. It may be crocheted, painted, papercraft, sewn, embroidered, beaded. Or I might bake you something and mail it to you. Very exciting indeed! You won't know until you recieve it.

The catch is, you must do the same thing over on your blog too.

So...... post a comment and see what comes your way!

1. Gilly
2. Amanda

Gonna have fun and shine in 2009!


Brannin Busy Bee's said...

Hey this is amber and im excited to stay in touch with Greg, you and your family! Since we had been neighbors and now we can still be close! Love your page! Feel free to visit ours, and great idea about the comment and award promote! Very creative! I stared selling Mary Kay as well, and its going rough for me right now! With the ecomony as tough as it is, but wish you the best of luck!

Wild Things said...

Hi Amber! Love your blog. Natalie is growing up so fast. How long did it take you to paint her bedroom? Very cool!