Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I am behind on posting. Gregg and I did get the living and dining room painted. I don't have it put back together. I will work on that today, along with some cleaning and baking and more phone calls. It is only Tuesday but the week has been very long. Sunday night I recieved a phone call from dad's gf telling me dad had been flown out fight for life to Omaha. Frantic packing after that and more phone calls. At the last minute I decided I needed to stay home. Gf and her daughter and my sister and her husband were in Omaha with dad. Jasmine has been having problems with her JRA. I wasn't comfortable leaving her. If I am not here, Gregg is at work, and something happens, the kids are on thier own. I know they are getting older but I worry. I am waiting for phone call this morning for a update. The doctor was in with dad when I called. He is out of ICU. We are all concerned since dad had the same surgery four weeks ago. Civilian doctors say one thing, the VA says another. The opinions are worlds apart. Dad insists on the VA doctors and hospitals. Update here. Dad is up and moving, shaved himself this morning. Gf says he looks great. The doctors were unable to complete the surgery due to dads bp spiking. He will have another surgery in March. Each surgery the doctors have said they have fixed the problem. Then dad starts vomiting bile and is bright yellow. Things are the way they are, this is out of my hands. Time for math, cleaning, laundry and baking.


Patrice Farmer said...

I'm glad he's doing better. That has to have been frightening for you. I hope you'll have time to relax and breath a little.

God Bless.

Wild Things said...

He is back at his gfs house. I guess everything is okay until this starts up again. I tried explaining this to a family member, dad has been throwing up bile since last summer. He thinks it is food poisining. Dad won't listen to me. Whatever happens ..... happens. It is out of my hands.