Monday, August 4, 2008

Stuie, Sharon ( the owner of Southern Star Ranch) and Leslie (Stuie's trainer) will be here late Saturday night or Sunday morning. We are very excited. I don't know if they are in NYC now or not. I will watch GMA tomorrow and the next day and the next day to see if they are on.

I think Jeremiah will be going in to see the doctor. He is still growing fast, he is so tired all the time. I am watching what he eats this week and making sure he takes his juice plus and vitamins. I dread jean shopping in the fall. He is in a pro rodeo super slim 29 x 36 now. I know they will not be long enough. I hope he has gained enough weight so he can keep up a 30" waist!

Here are some pictures of the backyard I took today. Guess no pictues tonight. Nothing will upload.

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