Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I had planned to post a picture of Stuie. It isn't working.

Update on Gregg. He had his stitches out on Monday. He is healing on track. He goes back to the doctor in three weeks. He will start PT in four weeks. He is feeling better now that we have the pain under control. He is getting bored but still sleeps a lot.

Update on fundraisers. We will be selling bottled water, by the case, with Jasmine and Stuies picture on the label. We are taking orders for the water now. The water is from Windmill Hills water company in Mullen Nebraska. The cost of a case of water is $30 for 24. 20 oz bottles.

We are raffling off a package of Jasmine's handmade jewerly and a hand crocheted poncho. If anyone is interested in selling tickets please email or call us. Barrnetts will be donating also.

I am really behind on fundraisers due to Gregg's surgery.

Update on Stuie. He is now done with his peanut training. He is sniffing out walnuts. There are eight other allergens he will be trained to find. Leslie, Stuie's trainer sent us a video. If you are interested I will email it to you.

I am trying to set up Antiquities Portraits this summer also. If anyone is interested in selling ticket for that, please let me know.

Thanks for the prayers, help and support!

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