Thursday, February 14, 2008


Influenza has made it's rounds at our house. I have been busy getting everyone including myself well again.

We have been blessed to share the last days with a dear friend. We visited P and J last night right after Gregg got off work. We 'enjoyed' the time spent with J and P. J was no longer able to speak to us but he knew we were there. I visited Tuesday when J could still speak a little. Last night when we got to their home, there was a AA meeting. Gregg met some old friends and made some new ones. This morning I recieved the phone call we knew would be comming. J went to heaven during the night. In his sleep, peacefuly. Gregg and I will treasure the time spent with J and P last night, forever. We will miss the huge birthday parties J had. Gregg will miss J in Sept when Jason would have given Gregg his 25th sobritity metal. Someone else will have to do that now. We will treasure the times we had with J and P. We are thankful we can be there for P during this trying time.

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